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1981 F100 Columbus GA


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Purchased a 1981 F100 300 4.9 with a three on the tree. Nice solid old truck, but the head gasket gave up after 38 years. Thought I would do the job myself. Head is off at the machine shop. Replacing most of the old parts with some upgrades. Purchased the Jegs kit with the 4bbl intake, headers and Holly 390 to put back on. Everything came apart pretty well, looking forward to this site for help with the reassembly process.


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Welcome aboard. Sounds like you have the bull by the horns concerning your engine.
There is a lot of info in the big six tech section & big six performance area of the forum Bill


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A big welcome to the Ford Six forums sounds like you are well on the way to having a nice pickup. Good luck on the up grades :thumbup: :nod:

65 F-100 pete

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I have a 240 ci engine in my '65 F-100. I recently got rid of the stock exh mnfld. I put on cast iron headers on it. What a difference that has made ! Here in mountanious N. Carolina, I used to slow way down going up the long steep inclines. Not now. I have the same 1V carb, same distributor, oil bath air filter.
Bet you will like your new set up too. Oh, nearly forgot to mention...I made out of a 1"thick piece of solid aluminum...an exchanger. I drilled a hole straight thru ( the size req'd for 3/8 NPT ). I then tapped each side so I could put a 3/8 nipple in the alum. Then the 90 deg. elbows pointing towards the pass. fender. ( the hole in the alum. goes parallel to the 6 cylinders ). I put the hole in the center.
The shape of the alum. block is the same as the opening where the mnflds. were together. Don't make the block much bigger than this opening, just big enough for the three bolt holes, maybe 1/4" past the edge of the holes. I say that because... I found out that there is barely room to get the header in its place with the alum. block on first. So, put the header on first...then the alum.
I put the heater hose that comes from the thermostat housing to the alum. block. Then the cowl side of the alum. block heater hose goes to the heater core. Whew!
Also need to mention...the nipples coming out of the alum. block were 1-1/2" long. No longer. I had to take the 3/8"x 6" extension off the ratchet to tighten the mnfld bolts behind the alum. block. Used a deep well socket.
Hope this helps. Happy new year, Pete