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3 sets of valve springs, 200/250.


New member
Hey Everyone,
I've got three sets of valve springs, one should be stock Ford 200 style, another set is probably Ford 302 and one set of Clay Smith Performance springs ( I do not know which set, they were for my Clay Smith 264 cam, but the machinist could not get them to the correct height/spring pressure). The Clay Smith retainers are there, as well another set of retainers ( two piece, I'm not sure if the match the 302 springs...) Also two sets of seals, the stock style and a set of thigh performance ones ( may require machining).
Best offer plus shipping makes you the new owner.
Email is best way to contact me,

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Just to add, I'm looking in the $ 40 range to get these to somebody that wants/needs them as I'll never need them ( famous last words !)