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300/240 - 8 rib serpentine pulley, Supercharger, Clifford Intake, Etc.....


New member
Throwing this back out there to see if there is anyone interested in taking it and running with it:

-Custom ASP 8 rib Drive Pulley with SBF zero dampener (been cut to fit crank).
-Eaton M112 Supercharger (It isn't pretty, needs cleaned and rotors stripped. includes intake and throttle body). Also includes CNC cut adapter plate.
-8 rib alternator, powersteering, and A/C pulleys.
-Custom sheetmetal intake for multiport injection.
-Clifford Intake (4 Barrel).
-Custom Sheetmetal valve cover.

The sheetmetal intake and valve cover are not perfect, and will need some cleanup on them.

It all has to go in one package. I have over 1200.00 invested not including time, and will take considerably less. If anyone is interested in it, let me know.