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Ahoy from Iowa


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Thanks for the add! I have a 1962 Falcon Van with a 144 and a 1965 Econoline truck with a 170. This looks like a great site for Ford sixes!


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Welcome to the Ford Six forums, yes we are all about taking care of and or improving the performance of these great six'es! Best of luck on those Econolines :thumbup: :nod:


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Those are some pretty cool vehicles. I used to have an Econoline pickup ang regret selling it.
This forum is great and you may want to get a copy of the Falcon Performance Handbook. It is a valuable resource for the Ford six owner.


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Econolines are nice vans. I'm on several Ford truck Facebook pages. On one of them, you can discuss any pre 1997 Ford truck, including Econoline vans. On a side note, I've seen photos of some Canadian Mercury Econolines up to 1966 models. I've also seen Mercury pickups and Panel trucks on some of the pages. Some of you who live in the US States that border Canada may be able to see some of these gems in your neighborhoods. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing any Mercury pickups, panel trucks or Mercury Econoline vans up close because I'm in Southern California. But one never knows when someone will travel a distance to display one of these beauties. But back to the Econoline, those vans purr when you hear the sixes running. The smaller blocks were suited for tighter engine spaces typical of vans. Ford could not have pulled off the design had they chosen to use the 223 engine instead. They would have needed to continue the panel trucks on the unibody pickup platform for the 1961-63 model years. It was a wiser move to go with the smaller engines. The van was great competition to the VW Bus, GM and Chrysler.