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All gone -------not longer for sale


New member
No clue how to put in pictures but happy to send them to you with your email.
This is all available new as a package, I don't want to split it up. Price is "make an offer" and may the best man win! Again parts are all new and located in Eugene, OR 97404.
Offy DP manifold with carb stud kit
Fel-Pro gasket set (unopened package)
Summit 600 carb, polished, with gaskets, all installation pieces and set up DVD (in original package)
Summit 1" phenolic carb spacer with gaskets (in original package)
Lokar chrome cable mount and stainless cable (in original packages)
Raso Enterprises intake manifold heat plate kit
Hi-Po 289 repop Ford blue and chrome air filter assembly (in original package)
EFI exhaust manifolds (painted with heat paint)
Walker "Y" pipe painted with heat paint

Only way I'll split this all up is if you don't want the exhaust manifolds due to their shipping weight. I'll kick in $50 towards shipping rest is on you. Please make an offer keeping in mind what this stuff retails for. I'm not expecting my money back but also hope not to get insulted! :lol: Thanks for looking.


New member
219 lookers and no offers? Seriously how cheap are you guys?
Well going to Ebay if I get no offers in the next few days.