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big collection of rare parts and engines sell yhe lot


New member
u may remember this post from a year. ago
I'm never going to enjoy the build I planned.
Iliquidate my entire collection of inline stuff
some very rare, some new, some pedestrian parts.
about a pickup truck full
here we go
one fresh rebuild .060 over, mostly factory
one very low hour industrial engine., good virgin block for turbo build, if u did a .010 true-bore"

several intakes
edelbrock C

several exhaust headers, 3 sets if my memory is cortect, efi. and
one HD F700, LOG SET UP FOR Turbo, ceramic coat
NOS, never used, never shrunk, brand new ford stuff got it from a warehouse in Detroit

forged crank, .010 and .020 clean up.
it's in the new engine above, never run since machining.

propane setup on the Clifford manifold.
works VERY good.

fuel injection parts factory.
misc: new schneider cam never used,
extra heads, crank cams flywheels, bellhousings,
2 zf 5 speed small block pattern for ford.
new, clutch 11" if I remember.
never run.
new gear drive 205 transfer case, fresh rebuild, never run.
married unit on back of ZF 5 SPEED
ignition parts, Dspark, msd,
WIRES, TIN, every sort of small part available
all stored under cover .

I'm back in town for a limited time would like to sell as a lot, time does not permit me luxury of piece by piece.
$4500.00 OBO , for the lot.
gag at first, but consider the cost of an engine rebuild. I have a rebuilt one.
where will u find a forged crank? I have one.
pull the cast crank out of the Virgin 6, into the .060 bl9ck, and use the forged in the turbo block after true -bore machining, to crank centerline,
u have a race motor.

propane set up, nothing better with a blow thru turbo. and methanol midting.

I can find u a 240 engine, but do not have one in this collection.


New member
Bummer Dave,
I just saw your post on CG; sorry you’re selling.
If I had the cash on hand, I’d drive up and pick it up.
Hit me up if you want to talk. My phone took a swim, so I lost all my contacts.
Hope you’re doing ok otherwise.


New member
I just acquired an will be retrieving tomorrow a 240 six. I will add that to the pile... it's a core long block.
it was my missing piece for a complete assembly of parts to build just about as wild a six as I wanted.
at this point I need only easily available items" lifters, a turbo, etc.
nothing exotic or rare, I got all that.