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Comin atcha from Texas!


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First post...heard about this forum from Gary's Bullnose forum. Bought a 1986 Ford F-150 4X4 with the I6 several months ago. Standard cab with the long bed, 4 speed manual tranny, ect. Not my first I6...had a few of them over the years, GREAT motors. Figured this was a good place to get some great information. Still has the original ignition system w/ computer, 1 bbl feedback carb & all the smog crap still attached. How do you post pics in here from your computer without a link?


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Welcome aboard. This forum has many big six owners.
Posting photos has to be dine with a posting image site, such as postimages.org
Soon the forum will have direct photo posting incorporated. Bill


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Welcome. I am new here as well but spent a lot of time on the ford enthusiast site when working on my bull nose. Gary was a ton of help.


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Greetings emunder!
Which part of the Republic do you hail from?We're getting a lot more members from Texas lately,might be about time to think of a meet.
I tinker with the little ones myself,but I love the big ones too.
Lots of info on this site,you'll get some help with that problematic feed back carb I bet.


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A big welcome to the Ford Six forums emunder, your in the right place for the largest archives of 240 / 300 4.9 big six info and knowageable people. Good. Luck on your 1986 :thumbup: :nod: