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For sale hopped up 200 with Aussie head


New member
I have decided to put my 66 Mustang convertible back to stock and probably sell it.

Therefore I know the engine is worth more to you guys then the next buyer of the car. I have the original Engine, transmission and rear end, ... I'm going to reinstall these on my car and sell it.

So everything is for sale. I have a hopped-up 1966 dated inline 6 200. It has a 1972 Aussie head with the detachable intake, very similar to what Mike produced back in the day. The new aluminum head is based on this Aussie head

I rebuilt this engine about 10 or 12 years ago and purchased the Aussie head on eBay.. long before Mike decided to produce the aluminum head. (Well about the same time)

I put about 10 to 15 thousand miles on this engine. Therefore just long enough to get the kinks out.. yet not wore out. The engine and car runs strong.

It has headers that I purchased from Mike along with a Davis unified distributor. I have the DUI on the car, and a cheap eBay one, can't tell the difference but I'm sure there's an argument. The eBay dizzy is brand new in the box.

It has a Holley 500 CFM carburetor which I have found to be the best carburetor for this engine..

I also have a four-barrel intake that I purchased from Mike, it is on the self. That can go along with it and as a C4 transmission that I rebuilt about the same time, it is in the car... oh, it's a very strong transmission believe me I run the gears....

I cant remember the cam, but it's a little above mild.

I also have a rear-end with 3.25 gears that came out of a Sprint Mustang. It is on the car. I'm selling the rear-end separately for $1,000.. this might seem crazy, I do not know,...but I'm always open for offers.

You can come listen to the engine.. you can drive the car. I will not pull the engine until the engine is sold. I do want $3,000 for the engine and transmission... of course everything that the engine has including
a new one wire alternator, water pump, pulleys, belts, headers, dui dizzy, hoses, fuel pump, carb... you can even have the aluminum 3 row radiator.

I also have Scott Drake brand new rims with newer tires, I'm selling for $1,000.

If you want the exhaust on the car I'll give you that too with the engine purchase.

I'm not selling tans separately, unless I sell the engine first..again c4 goes with purchase of engine. Not selling wheels and tires before engine is sold..

This post may not be on here long, I may change my mind. I'm very conflicted with this sale. But let's see what happens.

Please chime in or private message me.. obviously you guys can make comments if I lost my mind or way under the market I will try to post pictures if I can figure it out, maybe even a video.

car is in Charlotte NC

Thank you guys,.. I appreciate your help for the last 10 or 15 years on this website,.. if I do not sell the engine and transmission I probably will not sell the car.. so I may be back in the future,... thanks for your help!


New member
Hey guys, I've had a couple of responses about the engine. I'm really surprised nobody wants it. I hate to part this engine out and have it destroyed. So I've done some figures,.. if I parted the engine out it's worth more ,..I feel the whole package is worth the money. So here we go:

This engine has adjustable rocker arms $150

Has a C4 transmission out of a 72 Maverick, you can manually shift it plus Auto $150

A rear end with 3.25 gears $200 to $1000 maybe?

3.5 gears in box $200 maybe more.

Headers, I believe they're Doug's headers about $150

I have a DUI distributor probably worth about $150

An eBay special distributor brand new in the box probably $50.

one wire alternator $75

An aluminum 3 row radiator $50

Engine probably worth about $100 has 10000 to 15000 miles.

The cam I believe is 275 $50

crank $50

oil pump $20

Oil pan $75

Rods with pistons $100?

The 1972 alloy head from Australia about $1,500 with the two Barrel intake.

Also have a 4 barrel intake maybe $150

Holley 500 CFM carburetor $50

A four-barrel Mustang Autolite 4150 carburetor $100

make me an offer guys I will sell the whole package

Again, I'm not looking to part this engine out yet. Send me an email and I'll send u pictures. I cant seem to post pics here.(dont really know how)

Come listen to the engine, drive the car. (Everything in and on the car, and driveable) Might be surprised. Thanks