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Ford noob


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I am the proud new owner of an 84 E150 three door 4.9 and I’m hoping to find some guidance and inspiration. My dad was active here and really enjoyed the community and connections he made. Sadly, he passed away last month and I’ve decided to pick up where he left off with his beloved muscle van.
This is my first American vehicle but I’ve been working on European/Japanese stuff for a while, mostly motorbikes.
I’ll be posting in Econoline Corner but lurking elsewhere, looking forward to uncovering all the excellent resources to be found on this forum.


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Hello TBV_84, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, yet am glad to hear your going to continue on with the 1984 Econoline build it could also be a great tribute to him. Best of luck on your restoration / build up. :thumbup: :nod:


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Im sure I speak from us all. SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS.

Your dads name, are you okay telling us his user name.

We have a raft of very special people who really contributed a lot. Sometimes, we dont see people and they drop off the train.

Thad, two penny Ford, a lot of others have passed on. Ive been really fortunate to have talked with a number of still alive E van owners...Seattle Smity (Old Jupiter) and two others. Ive had some awesome Falcon and early Econoline guys who have asked for me to machine up parts for six cylinder trandplants, only to find people here can do it themselves.

Oh, and yeah....WELCOME HERE!


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Thank you for your condolences, he was a good man.
His user name was Nashtooth, and as I read through his 173 posts I’m discovering how much work has gone into this beast:
Holley 4B, Offy intake, Clifford 6>2, some sort of hot cam, 3.00 diff, manifold heater... no wonder it hauls ass and sounds like monster truck. I guess that leaves me with brakes and suspension.
Good job Pop.