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Hello fellow six cyl. enthusiasts,

65 F-100 pete

New member
I am pleased to be part of this group. I like six cylinder engines for lots of reasons. I have a 240 ci 6 in my '65 F-100. The first 240 was the original one (17 yrs.old). It lasted 2 yrs. I replaced it with the 2nd one . That one was good for 8 yrs. The 240 in there now is 28 yrs. faithful, @ 162,000 miles. Burns zero oil. It is a Fred Jones motor. When it had about 100,000 miles, the motor acted like the points were pitted. Changed them. No better. I finally realized that the camshaft gear was the problem.
Sure enough...the teeth were fiber/plastic. Ha! So bought a steel gear. Put a new oil pump in too.
I also change the valve stem seals every 10 yrs. I am real careful to change out the motor oil at 3,000 miles. If say, the 3,000 mi. will come due in the middle of the up coming week...I change it the weekend before. Use 20W50. Lots of oil pressure, no bearing noises. The brgs. would talk to me on a long incline in 3rd. Not anymore.
I had the steering box reworked. Blue Top Steering in N. Dakota did a great job. I also put a set of cast iron headers on. Made a heat exchanger out of 1" aluminum. Bolted that to the underside of intake. One inch aluminum is thick enough to drill & tap 3/8" NPT for heater hose connections. The block of alum. is the same shape as the underside of where the stock ex. mnfld used to go. I found that to bolt up intake & ex.mnfld., I could not use a 6"-3/8 extension to tighten up mnflds. So a deep socket & ratchet worked.
With the headers...the difference is something. I take inclines now and barely slow down. The same inclines with the restricting stock ex. mnfld...I would slow down quite a bit.
I had the speedometer reworked by Scott's Speedometer Service in Pontiac Michigan. Now the speedometer needle is steady, no more bouncing.
I have 3/4 leaf springs in the rear. I took off the stepside body, and bolted a 1/2" plate to the frame. On top of that is a Miller engine /generator welder. Right behind the drivers door, I have made a rack for oxy/acetylene bottles.
I get a very solid ride. I am using 16" wheels, Michelin premium tires, with inner tubes.
I had job at a metal fab. shop recently. It was 21 miles one way. I was getting 19 mpg.
19 yrs. ago, I had a shop put on a booster master cylinder from a '79 F-100. I needed that change. Where I lived before was pretty flat and the little master cyl. was ok. Not in mountanious N. Carolina.
If anyone wants to chat, I'd welcome that.
Best to everyone, Pete



Active member
A big Welcome to the Ford Six forums Pete, sounds like you have some great history with your 1965 F100! I am a big fan of those trucks too had a 1965 F350 for many years. :thumbup: :nod:

65 F-100 pete

New member
Hi bubba, Yeah, I have had many " adventures " with my truck. Biggest thing, I find any way...Is to keep a regular check on the radiator level, fan belt, rad. hoses, clamps, tire pressure ( checked at the end of the month, rain/shine ), Grease the front end every oil change, rotate the tires every other oil change. All that effort seems to expose potential troubles before the troubles get real bad.
Whar are some stories/ adventures you had ?
Happy new year to you and your family, Pete