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Hello from Atlanta!


New member
Hello, I'm Paul in Atlanta and glad to have found your community. Lots of good info.
I have a '66 Mustang coupe with 200 ci and 3-speed automatic that I got 40 years ago in high school and I'd like to make it my daily driver again. Thanks to the Falcon Six Handbook that came in the mail last week, I just discovered that I've had a '69 engine all this time! Wonder how that got there!
I'll post a pic or two when I'm able, along with lots of questions, no doubt.


Active member
A big welcome to the Ford Six forums Paul, and congrats on keeping your Mustang all these years. Good luck on the rebuild and Mod's to bring it back to a daily driver again. :thumbup: :nod:


New member
Nice to hear about your Mustang! That Falcon Handbook is handy to have it's like a secret decoder ring for all those casting numbers.