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Hello From Central California


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Hello, I just purchased my son a 1960 Ford falcon with a six cylinder 144 in it. Great little car!

Having a bit of trouble keeping it running when Idling or in gear after it’s warmed up. Looking into carburetor options would like to go with an electric choke if possible trying to decide if I want to get another single barrel or upgrade to a 2 barrel.

Put in an electronic ignition, redid the Uphlostry and interior.

Looking forward to the forum! Thanks guys


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Welcome aboard.
1960 Falcon with the 144. Is it standard shift??
Cruise around the forum cause there is a bunch of info to help you with your gem. Bill


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Welcome to the Ford Six forums goldtele, that 60 Falcon will make a nice car for your son to learn on. :thumbup: :nod:


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Awesome Falcon your son is very fortunate. I learned to drive in an early Falcon. You can easily go with a larger 1v carb, more cfm, from a 170 or 200 but it will have to work with your existing distributor. You could benefit from getting a copy of the Falcon Performance Handbook-it pretty much explains all the important stuff for performance mods, maintenance and reference.


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Hope things are going well with the Falcon. I learned how to drive in the late 1970s on a 1959 Ford F100 and a 1962 Rambler Classic Sedan. The truck has the 223 six engine wit h a PCV valve retrofit mandated back in the 60s for any vehicle that either was not originally equipped with a factory PCV valve (beginning in 1961 models for California) or not built with one (1960 and earlier vehicles). The Rambler has the 196 OHV cast iron block 6 with California Emissions mandated in several Southern, Central and Northern counties at the time.

Your Falcon is a decent size car for your son to learn on. Neither the Ford or Rambler I learned on has power steering. They both had bias ply tires when I learned how to drive, so I learned how to tell if the car needed new tires when I kept the tires inflated properly. The pep from the sixes is decent for these unit body cars. The Rambler's 196 powered the car to climb steep grades on the US Highway 395 during some vacations my family took to the high sierras in the 70s. The car climbed up in high gear at 55 mph on 6% grades. My dad's Ford pickup, on the other hand, required downshifting to 2nd gear while climbing the same stretch of road, going up at 30 mph. Both engines use the Holley 1904/1960/1908 series carburetor.