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Hello from West Texas


New member
I just purchased a 70 Maverick with a 200cu in front of a C4. Still trying to decide what to do with her but am definitely considering the options of keeping the 6 and getting some work done to it.
I look forward to utilizing the information on the site and learning from those with more knowledge than I.


New member
Hello and welcome Maverick602.
I also am in west Texas(the area,not the town that exploded).
I'm in Odessa,which kinda narrows down the west Texas area,and you?
This site is full of answers,just as many questions and piles of hypotheticals.
So,settle in,read the tech articles,order the book,clean the work bench, and prepare to be entertained.


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70 Maverick is a real nice ride I always liked those. If you decide to keep the six this is a good place to be. Pick up a copy of the Falcon Performance Handbook to help you create a plan for performance upgrades.


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Welcome to the Ford Six forums maverick602, congrats on getting your 70 Maverick they nice cars! I had my 77 Maverick for many years (1977 to 2014) I sure do miss it. Good luck on your build up. :thumbup: :nod: