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How did you hear about FordSix

How did you hear about FordSix?

  • Transfered from Clifford

    Votes: 9 3.2%
  • Surfing the Net

    Votes: 181 65.1%
  • Link - Personal Website

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Link - Business Website

    Votes: 8 2.9%
  • Refered by a Forum

    Votes: 37 13.3%
  • Car Show or Event

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Magazine Article

    Votes: 9 3.2%
  • Word of Mouth

    Votes: 16 5.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 18 6.5%

  • Total voters


New member
From Concord, CA. Original owner, wanting to restore a 1979 F250, 300 ci, 4 sp. This truck has been to Guatemala Central America and back four times and is getting tired. I hope to do a complete restore. I'm going to need some smog parts for the engine.


New member
I'd been a member of the AllFords forum for a coupla years and ran across Terry Reinhart's M6A site from there. Then, about a week ago I was trying to find an aluminum valve cover, searching for Classic Inlines, and I was referred to FordSix. I'm here because I've been able (at sometimes great personal peril) to resist the 6-to-V8 swap for over 40 years! Thanks for having me into your forum; it gives me much moral support!


While searching for Mustang and ford to know more about 6cy.


New member
I was on ClassicInlines.com and realized that people were talking on this site, then I found out why no more parts were available from ClassicInlines ( sad face ). Terrible loss for the inline six community. I am excited to find people here who appreciate the potential of this great engine. I look forward to learning new things and contributing as well...


New member
I found this forum after doing a search for a problem I was having with my Falcon. After getting approved now this is the place I come to do my research. :thumbup:


New member
Found this forum while researching my 200 six in-line. Am new to auto mechanics and need to build a reference library. Have had my 1967 base coupe Mustang for 12 years; just had a moderate restore job done. It's not show quality and I want to do as much of the remaining work as I can. I'm starting with small jobs and things I can do easily. Right now I am learning about the Autolite 1100 carburetor, spark control valve, and Load O Matic distributor.


New member
I found this forum searching for tech articles to turbocharge the 300's and also for people who have used MegaSquirt. I found good first hand information.


Active member
:beer: Yep you can't go wrong in your chose of that Rachero :thumbup: to fix up, good luck On fixing it up. :nod:


New member
after my 6 honda mikuni fail,surfed to find what Ak miller did to the 200 and CI kept popping up in results.lurked for too long,got the HANDBOOK and started being as serious as I am on my FE 404s
still don't have the hang of the taglines or emoticons and all,but progress is being made.

Captain Chaos

New member
Greetings from Santa Rosa, CA. Da da da daaaa!! Captain Chaos at your service. Little humor to break the ice, never a bad thing. I heard about fordsix over on the fordification site when I first picked up my '70 F-100 and since have picked up a '67 F-100, that I am still trying to identify some parts on, one being whether or not it's a 240 or a 300. I am confident ot's got a C-4 by the pan but the tag on it says for a 240. Up top on the coil I believe it is, there's a tag that says 300. Today I found another tag after pulling the top end off that reads," FOMOCO REBUILT ENGINE serial # POWER PAK" ,which I thought was interesting hence inspiring Mr to jump in here and pic ya'lls brains from time to time. What say you Friends?

6 Shooter

New member
Was at an ONDR event at Grand Bend and ran into a guy (forget his name, runs a 27t Ford 300 i6 same as Frenchtown Flyer, they are friends) and so I did an internet search for the Flyer and came across the FordSix website and saw that the FF had made some improvements over the years since we last saw you at Milan. I originally ran the 2.3 in my Ranger and 2.5L hydroplane and made the decision to get rid of the hydroplane and hence all the 2.3 stuff also went. The Ford 300 is cheaper to build than a 2.3. Lots of speed parts for the 2.3 from Esslinger Engineering and maybe that is where the next progression for the i6 lies.

F6 lathead

New member
I have a 71 F100 with a 68 Lincoln 460 under the hood, will pass anything but a gas station, I have always liked sixes from Dodge/Plymouth flathead sixes to the Chevy 235. I couldn't figure out why Dad liked sixes so much then I got a little older. I plan on pulling the drive train from a 67 F100 which has a 300 six, C4 I presume and power steering and replacing the 460. I was looking for mileage and simplicity so found the site on line. I was a member of the Inliners magazine as well, this looks like a great site and look forward to interacting with everyone.
F6 flathead


Staff member
The 300 six is always better than a small V-8 for general driving. It has low end torque & will pass a gas station. Best of luck with your project. If i can be of help PM me. Bill


Active member
Welcome to the site F6 flathead, good luck on your 300 swap I am sure your going to enjoy it once it's done. :thumbup: :nod:


New member
did a google search for performance upgrades for ford 300 L6, lurked for a bit then joined.

I can't wait till I tear into one of my trucks to get a chance to put all your combined knowledge into use. My father-in-law won't be able to harass me for selling a good 351w and putting the six in my truck. I bug him that when I am done he will want a 300 in his gm instead of the 350


New member
I stumbled in from full-size bronco .com, at the recommendation of a fellow abandoned 300 Bronco owner.

Been reading here about rebuilding my 300 BB6, and figured it was time to get input from the experts. Most over on FSB are v8s.

Dr Deadeye

New member
Did a web search for Ford 300 6 cylinder performance upgrades. I just now joined due to Gramp's head development. I'm looking forward to his success so as to purchase a bolt on U-flow for my '66 F-250 4X4.


New member
Referred from Bruse Sizemore over at :beer: Ford Truck Enthusiasts after donating to the Ford 300 ci. Performance head project.