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There seems to be a bit of confusion, as to why this forum was created. The Ford Six Performance Forums exist to foster and share knowledge and understanding of performance improvements to the Ford Inline Six.

Ford Six Performance is a CAR forum, not a dating or social service. As a registered member, FSP grants you the privilege of posting. However, Ford Six reserves the right to delete any post we deem as offensive, inappropriate, or disrespectful in nature. The SixShooter Saloon and Town Square are here for your enjoyment. Posting is a privilege extended to you, providing you abide by the policies and guidelines you agreed to when you registered.

The rules are simple. Any post which is considered offensive, inappropriate, or disrespectful (by any one of our moderators) will be deleted immediately without warning. Those who continue to post such comments, can and will be suspended or ban from the forum, depending on the severity of the infraction and the rate of occurrence. These rules are enforced by Moderators, all which have been active members for a minimum of three years and nominated by the Moderator Group or myself.

Without the assistance of the Moderators, the forum would not exist. We have a great group, who volunteer their time simply to assist us in keeping this a fun place visit, for everyone. But REMEMBER, the primary reason they are here, is to ENJOY the forums just like everyone else. Not to settle petty disputes and/or explain their actions. The moderators are busy people, and as such, may not have the time to notify members why they chose to delete a post or comment. You may not understand why, but if it was deleted, there must have been a reason. However, if you feel you have been unfairly treated, notify me (the Admin) and I'll look into it. Normally, it’s quite easy to resolve.

We also receive a lot of complaints about the misuse of PM's. PM's are also a privilege which is extended to you, as a registered member. As such, all Private Messages must comply with the forum Policies and Guidelines, just as if you were posting in an open thread. Those sending offensive, inappropriate, or disrespectful messages will be suspended or permanently ban from the forum. I have a ZERO tolerance for those who abuse this privilege.

Remember, this is a CAR forum created to help you and your fellow inliners build their motors and share their knowledge. It is not a dating service. Please be respecful to all our members, especially the newbies and the few female members we have.

POLICY: Please try and resolve product problems with vendors before "venting" on the site. Venting may sound harmless, but can create ill feelings to parties that are involved. Only the parties DIRECTLY involved in a vendor/customer interaction are welcome to post about the experience. Fellow members with useful suggestions based on solid facts, remedies, and solutions, rather than personal opinions and personal attitudes, may respond.

POLICY: Do not belittle, disparage, ridicule, or make fun of a fellow member. This includes name-calling, questioning people’s integrity/knowledge in a disparaging way, or openly trashing someone’s reputation online.

POLICY: All new members will be treated with an equal amount of respect as long standing members. We will not forget that we were they once. Allow them to post questions and answer the question even if it has been asked and answered 100 times somewhere else or can be found on the Tech pages. If you feel so strongly about directing people to search old topics instead of answering the question, just kindly tell them the answer and say, "you can also find that information by performing a search or by looking at the Tech Page."

POLICY: This site is dedicated to Inline Ford Sixes, not religion, race or politics, but we do have the "Sixshooter Saloon" where we permit the non-automotive posts to reside. Political topics are permitted in the Town Square, but will be closely scrutinized. Topics on Race and Religion are not permitted and will be immediately deleted upon discovery.


Moved from another thread.

Any idea why my post appears to have been deleted? I thought it was a tasteful joke, centered entirely around an automobile this forum is based upon. That it used subtle shock value for the build up made it all the better in my opinion. as I stated, the punchline was rather obvious to anyone with a sense of humor based upon the statements in the build. All I can think of are two reasons-

1-It offended someone's sensibilities. If this is the case, I'm sorry, though I don't see how it could have. Let me know if it did and I'll try to tone down my posts... somehow. Perhaps I'll speak only of Cheese in the saloon. Or the Amish. Perhaps dust? That's rather non-confrontational.

2-It was deleted by a moderator to prevent the direction of this thread to returning to area it was on the first page when it was censored. This I believe is somewhat preemptive and big-brother like, but understandable.

Or, was there a remark to my posting that was lewd or inapropriate that was deleted as well?

Please, let me know as I'm curious. If a mod could PM me so this doesn't continue in the public forum, I think that's completely acceptable. I just don't agree with undue censorship with no notification of reason or justification.
First, as stated in our policies, this should have been PM'd to a Moderator or Admin prior to posting in a public forum. Obviously, one of the moderators felt there was content that was offensive or inappropriate.

You may not agree with undue censorship with no notification, but as I stated above, the moderators are here to have fun too. Not to spend their time typing e-mails, PM's, or replies as to why they choose to delete a post or comment. If they did, they would never get to do their own posting, on what matters to them. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. :wink:
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