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My new book available on Amazon now....


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Hey guys and gals, I finally have my book available on Amazon for everyone's enjoyment if you'd like to do some casual reading. Its an Historical Fiction 1940's crime novel called, Case File: #1948, and is set in Chattanooga, Tennessee where I grew up and currently work. It mentions many of the iconic landmarks related to Chattanooga and its history through out the story line. Just go to Amazon and enter into the search window either B07TCZL3R9 for the ebook version, or 1075800722 for the paperback version. I'm working on a second follow-up book now, and will be attending a large event in September for local authors. I am also working with a local voice over artist who is also creating an audio version with vintage sound effects in it. He's about half way done and it is awesome! Thanks and enjoy!


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May it sell like hotcakes and give you inspiration and invigorate others.

I spoke with my daughter about how I felt about your book. She told me to respond, but dont be a total dor|< about my response.

Both my wife, my daugher and I have been intimately involved in the Amber Rush, David Bain and Karen Jocobs murders and Aromoana village David Grey murders in Dunedin 2018, 1995, 1994 and 1990, plus s family murder in 1978 of an electrician. I figure after finding out about the shonkyness of New Zealand Police who leaned on professional engineers to suppress evidence before trial in all four cases, murder bookes are like arseholes; every one has one, and dealing with goons forcing people under threat of the rack or butterfly clips or leaning on whitnesses is just the typical Synoptic Gospel of S|-|i+ anyone can read.

Really good race mechanic bookes are rare.

My daughter Morgan told me not to be a jerk and don't tell you that you should hsve written a car mechanics book first.

So I won't.

Have every success, and I'll tell all my mates to read the proof.

But dang man, this is bad news for me...


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Hey, I completely understand. Mine isn't full of a lot of gore and violence, it's a simple who done it kind of story. In the intro, a car crashes off a steep mountain bluff. The driver has a large amount of War Bonds and cash in his possession, but no identification. So it's more mystery than anything. But has deception, suspense, mystery and intrigue plus more elements you'd expect to find in a story like this. It is available worldwide, and you can preview the first couple of pages on Amazon to see if it suits your fancy. I released it over 5 years ago, and have sold close to 500 copies. I just thought it was time to bring it to a large platform like Amazon.
But don't fret, I am working on a Ford 240/300 engine prep book for performance oriented enthusiasts!