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New to the inline scene


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Thank you for the add.

I'm sorry... I probably sound like a broken record. I am really new to this straight 6 scene... always been a V8 guy.

One of my boys are going to be buying a early to mid-sixties Ford Falcon with a 170 in it.

We are going to be running in the Hot Rod Drag Week, this year. Not planning on being competitive, but want to have fun... and hopefully not break down.

Can you guys steer me in the direction of some places to research, or suggest hi-po components that will give us a little more fun than the normal stock engine?

I am not asking for a list of components, just ideas and direction.

Still want to enjoy this car on the street, but want to slowly make it a good strip/street car.

Thank you, in advance, for any help.


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Glad to have you aboard. There is a lot of info. on this forum.
If you have a question, just ask. Bill


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Welcome to the forum yes lots of info here on the Ford Six site. I put a couple links (See below) but you can do a site search too and come up with many engine builds from stock to an all out race engine. Good luck on the build up. :thumbup: :nod:

Some Old Magazine Articles on Hot Rodding the Falcon Six

Excellent Video Series on Building a 200 Six for a Street Mustang


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Order a copy of the Handbok from VI. It's a great kickoff resource.
Up on top there is a button "Tech Archive". Read it. The head dyno articles I found very eye opening for guiding the impact of different types of mods.

Search this site. there is SO.MUCH.INFORMATION here.