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Photobucket Had a Major Crash 12-23


Staff member
Photobucket as of 12-28 has lost almost many of my photos.
You will probable see no image available on all mine & many other forum members.
I have since found some of the originals on my PC & i am using imgur or postimage.org
I photobucket finds my missing photos i will drop them.
If they do recover them i will try to copy some of them to imgur. Bill wsa111


Active member
Photo bucket sure sucks, all of that time putting the Photos on many of my posts and now they are unseeable. :evil: I do still have most of the Photos on my old computer but it would sure be such a huge undertaking to try and fix them now. :bang: :nod:


Staff member
Anybody that was screwed by Photobucket make sure you cut your payment to them.
On paypal make photobucket automatic payments inactive.
If you pay by credit card contact them & tell them to stop automatic payments.
I lost over 450 images.
I am f'ing pissed off.
I hope everyone on this forum cancels their obligation.


New member
Images care of Photobucket.

I have two accounts. Both Work.

Muck Raking Much?.

I've not lost any of mine.

I Personally declare my undying love for PhotoBucket, and if you wanna Play, you gotta Pay.

2500 images safely stored for 10 years of more, unlike HP Photo and all the other promisers.

Talk is cheap people. Muck Raking is an easy pass-time.

No ill will intended. Love your work, and value your opinion as always. That will never stop. I've seen some of your photos, WsaIII.

Do as you see fit, but PhotoBucket do back-ups. You need to talk to them FIRST.

It is my opinion that there is a reason why USA has no premium Hyper SuperCars and wild six in line performance cars... Muck Raking.

This was not the case in the 1932 to 1937, where the USA was "aspirational", and world beating cars and engineers made stuff that was the envy of the world. IMHO, PhotoBucket is a Modern Day Miracle, and for those who pay, it yields. Opt out, or argue over the price, and you take your own course.

:hmmm: In the first instance, call and get buck wild with your service provider Will.