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Recurved New HEI-Oil Mod. Done & MSD Wires & Relay with Harness $255.00+shipping


Staff member

Application is a stock engine or light mods. However will be recurved for your build.
Custom recurved New HEI with the over oiling mod done.
Custom MSD Plug Wires, with MSD wire Separators.
Custom harness with a relay. Has connections to Battery + Direct connector to HEI & Tach.
See next post for technical details.
Have choice of Red or Blue cap & Rotor.
Will Accept paypal & USPS money order.
Cost for complete setup is $255.00 plus shipping to your zip.
Questions email me billythedistributorman@live.com


Staff member
Lets go guys, 255.00 plus shipping to your zip code.
This is a bargain. $70.00 for Custom MSD Low Resistance Plug Wires they are spiral wound & have only 100 ohms per foot, the lowest on the market, $45.00 for a custom made wiring harness, with fused power wire to a relay triggered by even the old +wire for the coil & a direct connector to the HEI. That makes a custom recurved HEI which was completely dissembled to perform the over-oiling modification cost only $140.00 + shipping to your zip code.
Do the math this is a darn great deal. Questions PM or email me @ billythedistributorman@live.com