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Reporting a Post

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If you see a post that is in violation of the forum rules & regulations, offensive in nature, spam (advertising), or anything you deem inappropriate, please report it to the Mod Squad and/or Admin. Not only is this really easy to do, it helps us keep the forum "family friendly". The forum moderators are the only persons who see the report, and usually only the moderator who handles the report. As such, the person making the report is always kept anonymous.

To report a post, look for a tiny little box, circle, or triangle, with an exclamation mark (!) or the letter (R). Normally it will be in the lower right corner, or the upper right corner, depending on which style you are using. For example, if you use Getaway, it's a box with the letter R, in the lower right corner. If you use ProNight, it's a triangle with an exclamation mark, in the upper right corner. When you position your cursor over it, it will say "report this post".

When you left click on the symbol, a small input box will open. You can select the reason for reporting the post from a short drop-down menu, or enter your own reason in the comment box, such as "personal insults", "flaming", or "foul language". Anything that gets the point across to the moderator, as to why the post was reported. If you like, you can also check a box requesting the moderator to inform you when the problem is resolved and what actions were taken, if any. That's it......

Go ahead, check it out....
Not open for further replies.