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Tax is now being collected by using Paypal


Staff member
Let the buyer beware, paypal is now collecting tax from buyers in many states.
I just purchased a part on ebay & the total was $176.00.
When i went to pay & without warning an additional $17.00 was added on when i paid.
Unless you don't mind paying tax stay away from Ebay.


New member
This internet sales tax has been in the news for months. I have received Notices from Paypal and eBay


Staff member
THE FRENCHTOWN FLYER":r5gfm8fb said:
Its still a great convenient way to do business for me. I'll just raise my prices a bit to account for it.
The buyer is the one who pays the sales tax, not the seller.


Active member
Yup wsa, I get that. Those who do business with me henceforth will now be required to absorb the additional costs associated with me making taxable online purchases, slight as it may be.
Or go elsewhere