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Thanks for adding me to then group


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I live In Phoenix AZ. My best friend gave me his grandfather’s 1966 Coupe in April of last year. The car was bone stock with the exception of LED headlIghts. Over the last year, I installed the following:
New front suspension with disc brakes
New 9” rear axle with disc brakes
Borgeson power steering
Header front Vintage Inlines
DSII Electronic Ignition (Thanks Bill Ambler)
Re upholstered the front and rear seats
Painted the interior
New stereo from Custom Autosound
Front and back window seals
New fuel tanks and fuel line

Next upgrade is the Weber 2 barrel


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Welcome to the Ford Six forums paxzo66, sounds like your well on the way to having a really nice 66 coupe. Post some pictures of your car when you can, good luck on your build. :thumbup: :nod:


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Welcome aboard. My DS11 will wake up your engine. Once you get the Weber on there that will also complement your engine. Bill