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Topic Images, Signatures, and Avatars

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Photo Sharing, Photo Signatures & Avatars

POLICY: Posting photos is acceptable and helpful if it is related to helping someone build or upgrade a car. Many users are on dial up so be mindful of using large photos, as it makes the pages load slow for them. Please keep all images within their limits. Image limitations assist in reducing the required disc space and transfer rates, maintaining the limitations set by our hosting package, and keeping cost down (allowing us to provide this site free of charge or advertisements). Thank you for your cooperation.

TOPIC IMAGES: 800x600 Unlimited pixels, with a maximum size of 150K 10MB. Please keep the number of pictures posted to no more than 6 10 photos per topic unless you have received advance permission from the forum admin.

SIGNATURES: 400x150 pixels, with a maximum size of 60K.
* Text will not exceed a font size of two (2).
* With Signature Image - two (2) lines of text are allowed.
* Without Signature Image - four (4) lines of text are allowed.

AVATARS: Minimum 20x20 Maximum 160x16080 pixels, with a maximum size of 150K.

We prefer our members use the Attachments feature Image Shack or Photo Bucket for image posting. This ensures the data is here in the future. Both of these are free services and provide thumbnail links for posting within a forum topic. You may also link to larger remote hosted images or video's using HTML or BB code.

Images, signatures, and/or avatars over the maximum size restrictions will be deleted without warning. However a private message will be sent to the member, requesting the image(s) to be reduce to an acceptable size before re-posting. If the image(s) have not been reduced prior to reposting, they will be deleted and the poster will be suspended or ban from the forum.

No nudity. Please refrain from posting suggestive poses of girls with cars. If an image is used, please warn people in your post and link to the photo rather than posting it in the thread. You may link to video's providing they are within the acceptable size limitations and non-offensive in nature. However, they are not permitted for avatars or signatures. Again, you may link to larger images or video's using HTML or BB code.

COMMENT: This policy is in effect to keep the site loading fast for dial up users, to keep cost down, and to prevent offensive images. All it takes in one girly picture to turn someone off and have them leave the site. If you think you have a questionable photo to share, ask a moderator for direction.

Updated July 26, 2017 by 1966Mustang


This information is outdated. Please use the ATTACHMENT feature. I will put together a tutorial about this soon.




Some of the newbies are still having problems figuring out how to post pics in the forum. A couple of folks suggested a sticky, so here goes....

Please keep your pix to a maximum 600 x 450 pixels if posting directly to the topic .

First, you have to host the pics someplace. That means they have to be on a server that can be accessed thru the web, such as Photobucket, Imageshack, or a personal website. Not all hosts allow linking, so you need to make sure you select one that does.

Once hosted, each picture will have it's own individual address, which is called the URL, and looks something like this:

EXAMPLE: http://www.fordsix.com/images/fordsixWciM.gif

There are several ways to post a photo. If you are posting images which are hosted on a personal website, follow the instructions below. If posting images which are hosted on Imageshack, page down to "Posting Images using Imageshack". Since I don't use Photobucket, I won't cover it, however it should be pretty similar to Imageshack.

Posting Images from a Personal Website

You can just type in the address, or URL, (like I did in the example above) and leave it. Then when we click on the link, we'll see the image.

Or if you want to display the image in your post, you'll need to add image tags. There are two ways to do this. First you can just type them in at the beginning and end of the URL, or you can highlight the URL and click on the IMG button at the top of the posting screen. This will add the tags to each end of the URL automatically.


When you add the image tags, it will post the image, like this.

If you right click on the image above, then select "Properties" (at the bottom of the menu), you can see the address, or URL, of the image, as well as the type, size and dimensions.

Remember not to leave any spaces between the URL and the IMG tags. Also, don't put any periods or commas at the end of the URL.

Please keep your pix to a maximum 600 x 450 pixels

Remember that some folks are on dial-up, so inserting dozens of pictures could kill them when they open a post, therefore please limit your post to six (6) images.

Posting Images using Imageshack

First, log on to Imageshack at http://imageshack.us/

Next you need to find the picture you want to post. Use the button marked "BROWSE", find the file (pic) on your computer, and hit enter. Once selected, you'll automatically go back to the first screen on Imageshack.

Next, click on the button marked "START UPLOAD" After the file has been uploaded, you will go to a new screen on Imageshack.

Here you will see three boxes. To the right of the boxes you will see "thumbnail for websites", "thumbnail for forums 1", and "thumbnails for forums 2".

Select "THUMBNAILS FOR FORUMS 1" . Make sure the entire addy is highlighted, then copy it.

Now go to the posting screen in the forum, and "PASTE" the URL you just copied, where you want the image posted.

Finally, hit the "SUBMIT" button when you are finished with your post. Your post will then have a thumbnail which links to the image on Imageshack, which will look like this:
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