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63 Falcon Futura from North Carolina

Hello, those that know me best just call me Nic. I recently purchased a 1963 4 door Falcon Futura. Car is in great shape for its age and appears to be mostly original. The 170 six was supposed to be redone within the past year and seems to run fairly strong. It had some sluggish issues when purchased but I've gotten most of that worked out. I very quickly rebuilt the Autolite 1100 and went through the ignition with new points, condenser, wires, plugs, cap, rotor, and a high output coil. Turned out most of my sluggish issues were resolved when I realized the timing was off due to a misaligned damper. I've even replaced the vacuum diaphragm as 55 year old rubber isn't always in the best of shape. There is still plenty of work to be done and more that I'd like to pick y'all's brains over but we will get there....
In the meantime thanks for having me.....


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Hi Nic welcome to the Ford Six forums, congrats on the 1963 Falcon Futura. I resently spotted a 63 4 door too it's needing a lot of work though. Good luck on the Falcon :thumbup: :nod: