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A new Canuck eh!

I've come here to hopefully learn how to turbo my '94 300 BB six. The engine is going in a '48 Chev coupe with a M5 tranny that is a project in process. I'll be looking to others that have added turbos and how they have modified the EFI system. I'm looking at Moates, Tweecer and Megasquirt and am currently leaning toward MS3. Did I mention that I'm really cheap, particularly as the Canadian Dollar is only worth 75 cents.
A bunch of my friends here, and now me too, are in the Can-West chapter of Inliners International. I chose the Ford 300 as they are cheap, reliable, 12 port and simple design. Although I want to turbo it, I intend for a pretty conservative outcome, say 200 to 250 hp.


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Welcome to the Ford Six forums jgregg13, home of a wealth of info and most knownageable people on the great 240, 300, 4.9 big Ford engines. Be sure to check out our Turbo forum (see below link) where there's lots of info on build ups from mild to wild. Good luck on your pickup :thumbup: :nod:

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