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New Meat

Been a v-8 man most my Life, Ford or nothing. Rather push a wheel barrow with Ford Stickers than drive anything else. Have a 64 and 68 F-100,2013 F-250, 64 had the 223 but will be moving up a few years to the 240/300 plant. Thought there would be a lot to learn about the Sixes in here. So Hello and I will be reading the Posts, Thanks


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Welcome aboard. Post some of your questions in the vintage inline section of the forum. The 240-300 post in the big six section. Bill


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Hi bucktooth welcome to the Ford Six forums, sounds like you have a nice truck collection. On the 1964 a 300 swap should be fairly easy if you can round up some 1965 240 / 300 engine mounts it will be a bolt in. Good luck :thumbup: :nod: