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Thanks for allowing me to join

Hey guys. I’m Drew. I inherited a 1992 F150 when my father in law passed. He left it in my care until my son is responsible enough to take care of her.

She has the EFI 300-6, with the M5OD. I’ve debated N/A vs turbo. I can’t decided. Maybe, you guys can help me make that decision. I’d love the baby turbodiesel, but I don’t want to dump a life’s savings into a motor.

I also plan to do a trans swap, from manual to auto. I have been debating the C6, AOD, and E4OD. I’m leaning toward the C6 because of its simplicity. However, I am VERY new to auto mechanics. I don’t understand the finer points of how the EFI affects transmission choice or the turbo decision.

That’s why I joined here. I hope that this group can help me along my way.


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Welcome to the Ford Six forums Drew, this is the place to be! We have the largest amount of info and the most knownageable people on the 240, 300, and 4.9 engines. Be sure to post your questions over in the 240 / 300 big six forum where it will get the most responses. Good luck on your 92 F1500 pickup build. :thumbup: :nod: