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The new OLD FTF gets a "Duesenberg DOHC 4-valve"

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What is that head, and where did you get it? I noticed that it has the Ford casting marks on it; so its not one of these chopped up and welded together heads.

I mainly ask this because Im planing a very high HP build for my 93 300 and am trying to look for all types/options of crossflow options.

(Excuse my ignorance Im relatively new to this forum and haven't been through all the great info on here)
That's an ultra rare ford crossflow only a few ever made if I remember rite less than 100. Good luck finding one the last one I saw was on eBay and a reserve not at $1500
Hey, I just realized this thread has been moved over to this forum - I thought it had been deleted somehow. I'm in SoCal taking a little break but when I return I'll post an update.
First time I've seen this one! Come'on back... I'd love to see any progress!
In these old replicas there are a lot of little "visual delights" that can make a car interesting to see. I thought I would make one of those little visually appealing details today. A heat shield for the exhaust pipe. First I cut a blank of sheet stainless, laid out some cooling holes and rolled a curve in it. Then I made a small belling tool for my DiAcro press so I could put a bell mouth on the holes. This is needed to prevent the shield from becoming a cheese grater on my body parts should I come into contact with it during an upset. I just need to make some stand-off nuts to weld it in place when the time comes.



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By "THE FRENCHTOWN FLYER" My old topic got "locked". As I have a lot more left to do I'll start another one. As luck would have it this summer I'm building the "mule" engine for it, along with another U-flow engine for my son's Anglia, on which I may start another thread if time permits.
This week I started on the head:

the intakes get a 30 deg. back cut

ready for reassembly

The full build story is on the H.A.M.B.:

https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/thr ... ct.223598/
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