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Wan Design Responsibilities

The core responsibility of a WAN Design Expert is to listen to their client’s networking needs and adapt them into design specifications which can meet the client’s goals. For clients with no existing networking infrastructure, this could mean designing their solution from scratch. However, it can also mean upgrading and remodeling any current networking hardware and systems that the client is using. This often requires great attention to detail and ability to understand and adapt to the client’s current networking solution.
WAN Design Experts will typically interact with the entire business in order to determine the needs of the company. This means speaking with different departments to figure out their individual needs and combining them into a comprehensive networking solution that benefits everyone working in the organization.
Another responsibility is handling the installation and configuration of new networking equipment. This can mean installing a new server rack, obtaining and installing software licenses on company computers, configuring network interfaces and also preparing maintenance solutions for whoever will be taking over the responsibility of keeping the network stable once the WAN Design Expert has filled their role. This includes writing detailed documentation regarding the network, preparing disaster recovery plans and recommending security processes such as upgrading firewalls and performing regular security audits to keep the system safe.